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Hi, my name is Neil, but close friends and others know me as Bod.

I’m a regular guy does that regular things and my three passions in life outside of my family are Golf, Skiing and gambling a bit at land based and online live casinos.

So a bit about me. I’m 50 years old and live in Kent, the garden of England!. I keep myself reasonably fit by going to the gym 3 times a weeks and do some circuit training. I’ve recently signed up to do the Parkrun but have yet to make it out due to the weather and lack of motivation on my part. I am a member of my local Golf Club and play twice a week, keeping my handicap to a respectable 10. I’ve been down to single figures, but only managed to keep it for two competitions until I was back at 10. My aim is to get down to 9 again sometime in 2014.!

I ski about twice a year and do that gnarly Off-piste stuff you read about. I much prefer this to skiing on piste as you get to explore the mountains and go places that many others don’t. I suppose i’m reasonably competent, having skied now for the past 30 years.

I also like a gamble. I’m not addicted or anything like that and depending on my mood you’ll either find me in one of the online poker rooms playing Texas Hold’em, or at an online casino playing live blackjack or roulette. I pretty much do the same when I visit land based casinos, the closest ones to me being London and Brighton.

I probably play twice a week and I get enjoyment out of having a good game and making my stake money last as long as I can. Sometimes I win, sometimes I break even and sometimes I lose. I bet modest amounts and what I can afford to lose and no more. For me it’s a bit of fun.

This blog is a result of three things really. Firstly at New year I promised myself that I would learn something new this year. Someone in the past had mentioned to me about creating a blog and that has been in the back of my mind for quite a while to do. Secondly my memory isn’t what it used to be and I forget stuff so I need to write stuff down, so why not do it in a blog. Thirdly, I’ve been playing at quite a few online live casinos and I’ve amassed a bit of knowledge about whats good and whats not so good, so that’s given me the content to write about.

So there it is, I decided to write a blog about my adventures at the online casinos and I’ll also throw a bit in about Golf and Skiing for those that are interested.

I’m more than happy to answer any questions, so please leave comments as you see fit and I’ll give you the best answer or advice I can.

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I will occasionally put links in my articles to other blogs for relevant content or perhaps I’ll recommend a good online casino to play at. If you happen to click on one of the recommended links and subsequently signup and play at a casino, I will receive a small commission for introducing you. It costs you nothing but helps me put some coppers in the pot for my gambling research. Everyone benefits!

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