I have a single figure golf handicap again !!

Well its only taken me 3 years to get back down to single figures again. My official golf handicap is now 9.3.  I’ve played in 3 competitions since, went back up to 10 after two of them, then back down to 9.3 on the 3rd having carded a net 72 medal score, which converted to a stableford score of 37 points due to a double bogey early in the round.!

It’s taken me 12 months to get from 13 dead down to 9.3 and it’s all down to being able to play twice a week. I’ve not really practiced anymore than normal (which is not much), I’ve just paid more attention to the smaller parts of the game like chipping and putting. If I get my drives away and in play then I generally have a good round.

I recently went away with some mates to play 4 rounds of golf in France. I played well on the first day, carding a gross 75, although I still lost on stableford to an 18 handicapper who got 41 points! Days 2 and 3 I didn’t play that badly, not as well as I can but I put in some respectable scores. I ended up loosing the overall singles comp and the doubles comp we had running alongside.

I guess that’s the joy of playing off single figures with a bunch of bandits!!




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